Sunday, August 26, 2007

I've been Tagged

So being relatively new to blogging I have just been tagged by my big sis (Simplicity Photography) to write 8 interesting things about myself so we'll seen how many I can get down.

1. I met my husband on a blind date!
2. I am obsessed with Digital Scrapping and find myself trying to convert anyone I know! Sad I know but if you only knew - crap I am doing it again.
3. I worked at Mount Rushmore for a summer!
4. I am supposed to be moving in less than a month and have yet to of packed a box- oh yea have I mentioned that I am an avid procrastinator.
5. If you ever ask me where I brought something most likely my answer will be Target.
6. I am learning photography and getting tutored by my amazing sister!
7. I have an elliptical trainer that is gathering dust as we speak.
8. My favorite past time lately is watching my son chase squirrels in the park like he can actually get them. I just love the look of pure joy on his face.

Well there's eight

Parker and his Hat

So I love taking pictures of my kids but my little son Parker refuses to look at me so it is hard to get good shots with this almost three year old. I was so sad though because he finally looked right at the camera and I was out of focus- go figure. These are the best shots of the bunch. Love those eye lashes. Can't tell you how many pictures I have of him like this where he is looking down- busy doing something, anything other than looking at his Momma!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007


First Christmas Template- still learning but so much fun to make!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One of the easiest subjects

This is Liam he is one of the easiest subjects to take pictures of. He is the happiest baby, always smiling. This is a picture I thought I lost and then found in a separate file on my memory card. I love when stuff like that happens!

Playing with textures

So I have started to play with post processing and textures. Here are two of the pictures that I have played with thus far. It is fun to play around with PS!