Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some old pics

This is Parker and his very first ice cream in a cone that is. He was so excited.

This is a picture that I or should I say Parker took in VA right before we moved. We were playing with the remote timer and Parker thought it should be his job to push the button. I just loved the look Emma is giving me in this- she is such a sweet heart! Since I don't have any new pics to post I thought I would post some old ones. Hopefully this weekend I will get to practice some more on a few of my friends kidos.

Monday, November 19, 2007

One more post since it's been so long..

Here are some of my favorite pics over the last couple of months. Top pic is of Parker at the pumpkin patch - just love the perspective and his cute little hands:) Middle pic is one my amazingly gifted photographer sister took in her new studio. The bottom pic is of my sister and her little boy Tate.
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No Longer living out of a suitcase

Parker and Emma in their Halloween outfits. How cute are they- well I am a little bias.
Emma and Parker at the Park.
This is our new house-yea!
This is a picture I took when I tagged along with Angie
on one of her family photo shoots. Doesn't he have the
most amazing eyes!

It feels so good to write the title to this entry. We are finally moved into to our new house and loving it. It is so nice to have all our stuff back and the kids toys even though they make a huge mess it's good to have a place that feels like home again. Parker was so excited to see his bed he was giddy, jumping in bed and laying under the covers. It is nice to see they are starting to have some normalcy. Well the following pictures are random so enjoy.
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