Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why siblings should not share a room!

Funny little thing happened the night we got home from the hospital- Parker and Emma where doing their best not to go to sleep- horsing around and what not. So I hear them growling and am just about to go in there and tell them to go to sleep when I hear them both crying. I walk into their room and Emma is on the floor holding her head and Parker is crying with a bloody mouth and his front tooth is totally knocked back. We had to pull the tooth, so this is Parker's new look for the next couple of years!


Jeff and Ashleigh said...

Sad incident but CUTE picture! Awesome expression. Look at it this way: He'll always have a fun story to tell when people look at his early pictures!

Angie Monson said...

that is seriously the best picture of parker, I think you should blow it up huge and put it in his room.