Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Don't Do Weddings...but for family well here you go!

This is my husband's sister. Now let me put in my disclaimer here- I currently don't do weddings-I still feel that I have a lot of learning to do when it comes to such a big event. Thank you Lisa for letting me try some things out of you and Taylor!

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Jeff and Ashleigh said...

It doesn't look like you need learning to do weddings... all of those pictures are absolutely beautiful.

The photographer at my friend's wedding did a similar picture to your one of him holding the rings, only she had one hand of the groom's and one hand of the bride's, and they were holding the rings high in the air while kissing out of focus in the background. It was very romantic. Just another idea... hope you don't mind my unsolicited comment! ;) I still think they're all very beautiful.